Contractor Support

Through our dedicated contractor assurance team, we are committed to delivering a professional and compliant service, with first-class contractor care for our customers. Our contractor assurance team provide a full circle approach to ensure that all contractors mobilise to your projects with the highest level of competency.

How do we do this?

  • Complete screening tasks as part of the onboarding process in line with current legislation

  • Provide time writing and expenses procedures and documents

  • View onboarding task history and ensure any pending tasks are complete

  • Update any documents relating to assignments, including updating and renewing insurance details

  • Ensure our global mandatory procedures, including our code of business conduct, are followed

  • ​Giving contractors access to our unique online portal, ensuring data remains GDPR compliant


We are proud to be fully IR35 compliant, with all contracts and workscopes being outlined under IR35.

IR35 is the common name given to the Intermediaries Legislation from April 2000. This is HMRC’s “test” for self-employment for tax purposes only when a contractor is working through their Personal Services Company (PSC). This legislation is to distinguish the genuine self-employed contractors.

Work-scopes outline the deliverables that are expected from the PSC. The PSC will also have a contract in place with the agent that details the working arrangement between the PSC and agency, which is IR35 compliant.


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