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Charlie Ruddy

Business Development Manager
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My name is Charlie Ruddy and I am the Business Development Manager for Primat. My role is focusing on new business in the external markets and also working with our internal stakeholders to forge new relationships with our supply chain partners as well as managing existing clients to enhance the customer journey.

My career has been very diverse and thoroughly enjoyable. I was raised on a farm, I worked as a trawler man and have managed my way through working on the tools into senior operational positions in FTSE 250 companies. The early part of my career gave me the work ethic, the middle part of my career has given me the skills set and business acumen that I now apply.

I am a highly motivated and delivery focused leader who understands the need to create a world class performance. I have a strong and passionate approach to sustaining and encouraging safe working environments and a demonstrated ability to implement and reinforce continuous improvement.

Outside of my work I enjoy time with my family and exercise is a large part of my life. I also play pool internationally and socially when time allows!
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