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DRIP trip - they're back!

24 May

Last month, we published a blog to let you know that two of our Resourcers, Lucy Icke and Rachel Cattermole, were heading to Uganda to take part in charitable project, DRIP.  On 8th May, they returned to work to tell us all about their trip.

Lucy and Rachel, alongside a team of volunteers from the UK, spent two weeks living and working with local Ugandan families building rainwater storage tanks and teaching horticulture to the community.

Achieving a total of 106 tanks built, spending on average seven hours per day teaching invaluable horticultural skills for multiple families in the community, this is a great accomplishment that the whole DRIP team should be proud of. Each morning was spent building tanks, with afternoons spent teaching families about watering crops, seed saving, seed beds, composting, crop rotation and pest control; all of which involved practical examples.

With both living local to Stockton on Tees, our Resourcers also spoke about the cultural differences from their everyday lives back in the UK that they learned while out in Uganda. Pictured right at a social evening with the local community in traditional Ugandan outfits, they were initially taught about meanings of body language, gestures and conversational customs.

On their return, Lucy and Rachel spoke to the team on our monthly update call about their daily routine on the trip and how both UK and Ugandan volunteers worked together to achieve the end goal. With previous experience in a similar project, Rachel said “This is the second time I have volunteered abroad and I always feel that a worthwhile project like this can offer a rare sense of accomplishment, helping to change people’s lives for the better.”

Talking about her experience, Lucy said “I am very proud of what we achieved as a group in Uganda for DRIP Project UK. We built a total of 106 rainwater storage tanks between us, whilst engaging with the local community daily to teach them invaluable horticulture skills. I would like to thank everyone who kindly donated to make the trip possible and for the support from Primat Recruitment. I have certainly returned home grateful for such a life changing experience.”

Elliot Johnson, Operations Manager and line manager for our resourcing team, said “We are very proud of the commitment Lucy and Rachel made to volunteer on the DRIP project. It was obviously a fantastic experience for them but more importantly they have been able make a real difference to the futures of those families in Uganda.”

Rachel, having worked for Primat since 2017, reflected on the trip saying “A fascinating and often humbling experience, volunteering in a small community was a great way to get away from the tourist trail and really be exposed to the true life of Uganda. We have been fortunate enough to work and live with the locals, experiencing customs that differ to everyday life back in the UK.”

Both Resourcers are now back and hard at work after settling into our new Stockton office following their life changing experience volunteering in Uganda. If you have a role you’d like to discuss with them, or if you’ve seen a vacancy on our site that you would like more information on, give them a call to discuss today.

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