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DRIP trip

03 Apr

This month, Primat’s own Lucy Icke and Rachel Cattermole, both Resourcers in our Darlington office, will be spending two weeks living and working in Uganda alongside local families to build rainwater storage tanks and teach horticulture to the community through a charitable project called DRIP (Direct Rainwater Intervention Project).

DRIP’s vision is ‘to provide a sustainable answer to hunger’ and aims to combat the effects made by extreme weather conditions through climate change in highly affected areas of sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in Uganda. DRIP provides a maintainable water collection system and creates a sustainable approach to harvesting nutritional foods, with the goal of alleviating hunger and poverty.

Lucy and Rachel will spend their time in Uganda building water tanks so that the local community can then harvest rainwater from the rain season that year for drinking and farming, giving families enough highly nutritious food to last an entire year, until the next rain season. In some cases this has also provided enough fruit and vegetables to sell a small amount at a market, providing enough income to pay for secondary school fees for children in the family.

Talking about why they wanted to take part in DRIP, Rachel said “I’m doing this to make a difference and see the impact this work can have. This is a sustainable method that we can leave behind which the local community can maintain. I’m really looking forward to learning about the traditions in Uganda. In different communities we may be welcomed through a cultural dance and even invited to take the stage with dancers! We will also learn about the culture which has been passed down from generation to generation”.

In preparation for their trip, both Resourcers have attended various training weekends to learn the basics of building and harvesting, as well as learning about the local food and culture they will experience living and working alongside local families in Uganda.

In today’s technology dependent way of life in countries like the UK, Lucy and Rachel both commented on the cultural differences they will experience.

Lucy (pictured right at a training weekend in February) said “I have always wanted to do something challenging to make a difference, so when I heard about ‘DRIP’ it seemed the perfect opportunity. Our aim whilst we’re there is to improve the lives of those without access to fresh water; something we all take for granted in our day-to-day lives! We will be living in very basic conditions to truly experience life in Eastern Uganda. This is a great opportunity for me to travel and experience life in rural Uganda, whilst also helping families find a sustainable way to overcome hunger”.

As DRIP is a charity organisation, Lucy and Rachel have held various fundraisers in the office to raise the £1,600 required to cover basic costs on their trip with multiple bake sales and sweep stakes.

Head of Primat, Jenny Godden said “I am extremely proud and truly believe that the trip to Uganda to undertake the DRIP activities is an incredibly worthwhile cause. Both Lucy and Rachel are an inspiration to us all! I wish them all the success and look forward to their return when they can share all their achievements from the trip”.

Lucy and Rachel leave the UK for their trip to Uganda on 21st April. From everyone at Primat, we all wish you both the very best of luck!

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