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A proud sponsor of the 2017 RailStaff award for ‘Rail Engineer of the Year’

05 Oct

The 1980s brings back memories of bright blue eyeshadow, the rise of Casio watches and BMX bikes.  For Primat, it’s an important marker, being the decade our business was first established.

The 11th annual RailStaff Awards, themed to the 80s, will be held this Saturday, 7th October at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.  The awards recognise those who work in the rail industry, showing an industry-wide appreciation for the brilliant work carried out every day.

Since the 80s, we have had a front row seat to witness significant improvements to efficiency and safety in the rail industry.  Our daily interactions with candidates has cemented our belief that the rail sector possesses a depth of world-class engineering and technical expertise.  The industry itself continues to offer an attractive prospect to young engineers and professionals looking to embark on a challenging and rewarding career path.

The talent and dedication of people in the sector has been the real driving force behind this change over the decades.  As a proud people-company, we are delighted to sponsor the ‘Rail Engineer of the Year’ award, which recognises one engineer who has continually proven that they can rise to a challenge and produce brilliant results.

Are you going to this year’s RailStaff awards?  Come along and meet us!

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