Primat's journey to Energy Resourcing

Recruitment specialists for the energy industry

We are delighted to announce the exciting fusion of our UK agency businesses, Primat Recruitment and Energy Resourcing, wholly-owned subsidiaries of Worley from 1 July 2021. We provide agile recruitment solutions and world-class candidates to our customer network across the UK. As we join with Energy Resourcing and its extensive international operations, we are ready to continue to work with the combined strength of all those available resources.

During this period, there will be very little change in how we provide our services and support to you. You can expect the same level of commitment from all our team as we come together.

Our two businesses fit together perfectly:

  • Values — we share the same values — Stronger Together, Life, Rise to the Challenge and Unlock Brilliance
  • Relationship management — relationships are both at our core, and we value our contractor workforce and the relationships we have with you
  • Systems and technology — we have access to the latest applicant tracking and payrolling software, including the use of ION4.0, our global job search platform that intelligently matches candidates to their ideal job
  • Experience — with more than 40 years of experience across our combined business, we have a wealth of knowledge worldwide in major locations in Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and North America

Our service emphasises the highest levels of honesty, integrity, and legal compliance, as well as our strong recruitment networks. With a spotlight on excellent candidate management, optimal outcomes, and a confident process of total assurance and risk mitigation, we are ready to provide you with the people you need in energy, engineering, manufacturing, and logistics.

From the start of a candidate's journey through to contractor management and invoicing, we are a central hub for a network of tens of thousands of candidates — and we are experts at matching them with the roles in which they can flourish.

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Assurance Guaranteed

As Energy Resourcing, we have an extensive candidate database that provides access to some of the best quality candidates around the world. With a full screening process, we give confidence to our customers that we will deliver high-level, fully qualified, and experienced candidates to their sites and working locations.

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Beyond Compliance

We provide energy, engineering, and other organisations with high-quality, screened candidates, equipped with all the necessary tools and training required for the role. This ensures compliance with all standards and laws and instills confidence that our candidates will go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals.


Competence Delivered

We ensure that our candidates have the skills, experience, and qualifications to do the job well. This is a combination of both observable and measurable knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal attributes that contribute to enhanced candidate performance, and ultimately, organisational success.